Glen Mazza's Weblog Monday February 12, 2018

TightBlog 2.0.4 Patch Release

I made a 2.0.4 Patch Release of TightBlog to fix two pressing issues, the blog hit counter was not resetting at the end of each day properly and the "Insert Media File" popup on the blog entry edit page was also not working. Upgrading is as simple as swapping out the 2.0.3 WAR with this one. For first-time installs, see the general installation instructions, Linode-specific instructions are here.

Work on the future TightBlog 3.0 is continuing, it has much simpler blog template extraction, better caching design, and uses Thymeleaf instead of Velocity as the blog page template language. Non-test Java source files have fallen to 126 vs. the 146 in TightBlog 2.0, and one fewer database table is needed (now down to 12).

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