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Here's a collection of blog and external links for easy reference by topic.

Apache CXF Web Services:

  1. Creating a WSDL-first web service with Apache CXF (March 2017)
  2. Activating Transport Layer Security (SSL) for web services (March 2017)
  3. Using UsernameToken security with Apache CXF (April 2017)
  4. Using Message-Layer Encryption to protect UsernameToken credentials (April 2017)
  5. Using X.509 security with Apache CXF (April 2017)
  6. Deploying and Using a CXF Security Token Service (STS) (April 2017)
  7. Sending and processing SOAP faults in web service calls (May 2017)
  8. Using JUnit to test SOAP Clients (April 2017)
  9. Creating integration tests for SOAP web services (May 2018)
  10. Tracing SOAP calls with Wireshark (May 2017)
  11. Using the Quartz Scheduler to make recurring SOAP calls (June 2017)
  12. Using MTOM and Apache FOP with SOAP Web Services (May 2017)
  13. Using Apache CXF to access Salesforce Marketing Cloud SOAP API (March 2017)
  14. Using SoapUI to make Salesforce Marketing Cloud API calls (May 2017)
  15. Customizing and enhancing JAXB classes generated during the WSDL-to-Java process (June 2017)
  16. Adding JAX-WS handlers to SOAP web services and clients (February 2018)
  17. Replacing JAX-WS handlers with Apache CXF interceptors (March 2018)
  18. Activating XML schema validation for SOAP calls in Apache CXF (Jan. 2018)
  19. Switching from SOAP 1.1 to SOAP 1.2 messages (June 2017)
  20. Using SAAJ to call RPC/encoded SOAP web services (May 2018)
  21. Compressing SOAP Messages during transit (March 2018)

CXF has a user's guide and an articles page listing special topics. For individual assistance, the CXF-Users mailing list and Stack Overflow are available.

Other Topics:

  1. Deploying TightBlog on Linode
  2. Streaming Salesforce notifications to Kafka topics (November 2017)
  3. Hosting Spring Boot Applications on Kubernetes (February 2018)
  4. Sending Custom Metrics from Spring Boot to Datadog (February 2018)
  5. Creating Selenium Tests for Java Web Applications (August 2013)
  6. Creating a Java Swing alternative to JConsole for calling MBeans (June 2014)
  7. Working with Apache Derby (June 2013)
  8. Docbook Resources and Usage Tips
  9. My Ubuntu post-installation tasks
  10. Suggestions on handling written warnings
  11. Fifty Best Songs for Lindy Hop
  12. Glen's Fitness Tips

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