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TightBlog 3.0 Status

I'm expecting TightBlog 3.0 to be released sometime middle of next year. TightBlog 3.0 switches the blog template processing engine from Velocity to Thymeleaf, and I'm presently in the process of updating the blog themes to use the latter (very happy with the switch, by the way.) My other main goal for 3.0 is to have solid unit test coverage for the product--having dropped from Roller's 493 Java source files to around 140 so far, that's a much more feasible proposition today. I put in comprehensive unit tests for several of the classes so far, and in the process of refactoring the code to facilitate that, as expected, the code became much better as a result. Besides the refactoring, I could spot several cobwebs that could be cleared out that weren't apparent to me during earlier passes through the code. I'm looking forward to more unit tests so the other source files will have like improvement.

The TightBlog issues page lists several other things I'd like to get in for 3.0.


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